About Us

The CHOW Project’s goals are to:

  • promote the overall health and well-being of people and communities affected by drug use,
  • foster collaborative prevention strategies and reduce the risks of hepatitis B/C, HIV and overdose,
  • empower individuals and communities to make positive incremental change in health and well-being
  • eliminate the stigma of drug use through community education and outreach, and
  • advocate on behalf of people and families whose quality of life has been   disrupted by    the broader impacts of drug use.

The CHOW Project provides a range of outreach and prevention services for high-risk drug users which include:

  • A statewide one-for-one Syringe Exchange Program.
  • Linkage to drug treatment centers and other social and medical services
  • Community outreach
  • HIV  and hepatitis C counseling, testing and referral
  • Health education and information.
  • Peer education program.
  • Trainings and capacity building on working effectively with people who use drugs